Crypto 2009 rump session

The Crypto 2009 rump session took place Tuesday 18 August 2009 from 19:30 PST to 23:00 PST. Daniel J. Bernstein served as chair. Tanja Lange served as associate chair.

The rump session was broadcast live via Thanks to CryptoClarity for sponsoring this webcast! iCalendar:

The call for submissions has been archived on a separate page. A preliminary printed schedule was distributed Tuesday afternoon. Final schedule:
19:30Bart Preneel (IACR president)Bart PreneelNew IACR Fellows Induction Ceremonyslides
19:40Elena Andreeva, Charles Bouillaguet, Orr Dunkelman and John KelseyCharles Bouillaguet (a priori)A Live Trojan Message for MD5slides
19:43Cameron McDonald, Philip Hawkes, Josef PieprzykCameron McDonaldSHA-1 Differentials for Boomerang Attackslides
19:46Christophe Petit, Jean-Jacques QuisquaterJean-Jacques QuisquaterHash Functions and Cayley Graphs: the end of the story?slides
19:51Ivica NikolicIvica NikolicNear Collisions for the Compression Function of Hamsi-256slides
19:53Krystian Matusiewicz, María Naya-Plasencia, Ivica Nikolić, Yu Sasaki, Martin SchläfferYu SasakiWhat happened to LANE?slides
19:58Yuji SUGAYuji SUGAConsiderations of SHA-3slides
Cryptography in the real world
20:03Ben Adida, Olivier de Marneffe, Olivier Pereira, Jean-Jacques QuisquaterOlivier PereiraElecting a University President using Open-Audit Voting: Analysis of real-world use of Heliosslides
20:07Yvo Desmedt & Saghar EstehghariYvo DesmedtHacking Helios and Its Impactslides
20:15Erik and Martin Demaine, Jean-Jacques and Michael QuisquaterJean-Jacques QuisquaterHow to explain algorithms and cryptography to your (old) children IIslides
20:20MD5 Collisions, IncMarc StevensMD5 Collisions Live!slides
Secret-key ciphers
20:40Andy ClarkAndy ClarkA Colossal Updateslides
20:43Jovan Dj. GolicJovan Dj. GolicFormat-and-syntax-preserving ECB encryption: Dream or reality?slides
20:50Piotr Mroczkowski and Janusz SzmidtJanusz SzmidtThe Cube Attack on CTC Block Cipherslides
20:53Michael VielhaberMichael VielhaberAIDA Breaks BIVIUM(A&B) in 1 DualCoreMinuteslides
20:57Alex Biryukov and Ivica NikolicIvica NikolicA New Security Analysis of AES-128slides
20:59Alex Biryukov and Dmitry KhovratovichDmitry KhovratovichIn how many ways can you break Rijndael?slides
21:03Alex Biryukov, Orr Dunkelman, Nathan Keller, Dmitry Khovratovich, Adi ShamirOrr DunkelmanKey Recovery Attacks of Practical Complexity on AES Variants With Up To 10 Roundsslides
21:08Viet Tung Hoang, Phillip RogawayViet Tung HoangImproved analysis of unbalanced Feistel networks by couplingslides
21:13Mridul NandiMridul NandiImproved Security Analysis for Blockcipher Based PRFslides
The cloud
21:18Thomas Ristenpart, Eran Tromer, Hovav Shacham, Stefan SavageEran TromerCross-VM Vulnerabilities in Cloud Computingslides
21:25Jon Callas, Tamzen Cannoy, and Nicko van SomerenNicko van SomerenAlice and Bob Go to Heavenslides
Public-key encryption, security models, etc.
21:50Claude GravelClaude GravelA Chink in the Armour of AES ?slides
21:51Ueli MaurerUeli MaurerSchnorr = GQ = Okamoto: Unifying Zero-knowledge Proofs of Knowledgeslides
21:54Tom Berson, Nigel Smart, Raphael C.-W. Phan, Dan Page, Orr DunkelmanOrr DunkelmanNon-commutative Algebra and its Applications in NIKE-Zero Knowledge Proofsslides
21:59Chongwon Cho, Chen-Kuei Lee, Rafail OstrovskyChongwon ChoEquivalence of uniform key agreement and composition insecurityslides
22:04Hemanta Maji and Manoj Prabhakaran and Mike RosulekManoj PrabhakaranAn Abstraction of General Assumptions: Cryptographic Complexity of Functionalitiesslides
22:09Sebastian Faust, Leonid Reyzin, Eran TromerEran TromerProtecting Circuits from Computationally-Bounded Leakageslides
22:14The Crypto BunchThomas RistenpartHedged Public-Key Encryption: How to Protect against Bad Randomness
22:19Steven Myers and abhi ShelatSteven MyersOne Bit Encryption is Complete for CCA2slides
22:24Allison Lewko, Amit Sahai, and Brent WatersBrent WatersAdaptive Security in Attribute-Based Encryptionslides
22:30Rikke Bendlin, Ivan DamgårdRikke BendlinLattice-based Threshold Cryptographyslides
22:35Carlos Aguilar Melchor, Javier Herranz and Philippe GaboritCarlos Aguilar MelchorAn alternative to Gentry's fully homomorphic encryption scheme (We Do Exist!)slides
22:40Joel Alwen, Yevgeniy Dodis, Moni Naor, Gil Segev, Shabsi Walfish, Daniel WichsDaniel WichsPublic-Key Encryption in the Bounded Retrieval Modelslides
22:45David Cash, Dennis Hofheinz, Eike KiltzEike KiltzHow to Delegate a Lattice Basis slides
22:52Dan Boneh, Xavier BoyenXavier BoyenEfficient Lattice (H)IBE in the Standard Model from the BB-1 Frameworkslides
22:58Daniel J. Bernstein, Carl Ellison, Tanja Lange, Kristin Lauter, Victor Miller, Michael Naehrig, Eran TromerTBASecure Cloud Computing for Medical Dataslides
Printed announcements
September 2009: SHARCS'09: Special-purpose Hardware for Attacking Cryptographic Systems,
October 2009: SPEED-CC,
December 2009: Asiacrypt 2009,
December 2009: CANS 2009,
April 2010: IDtrust 2010,
May 2010: PKC 2010,